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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Planet of the Apes PC Game Free Download

Planet of the Apes PC Game Free Download

Download Free Game Planet of the Apes - PC Game - Full Version

Planet of Apes PC Game Download is famous Action-Adventure video game with single player mode.  As a player, you will control missing Astronaut named ‘Ulysses’. His plane has crashed somewhere on Future Earth dominated by humans. He explores this new planet and helps people of ‘Human Resistance Movement’.

Other characters of this fun-filled games are:
1.      Zaius
2.      Zira
3.      Nova

Game Information:

Title: Planet of the Apes Game
Language: English
Developer: Visiware Ubisoft Paris
Publisher: Ubi Soft Entertainment/Fox Interactive
Platform: PC Game
Release Date: 2001
SIZE: 283.54 MB
Genre: Action

Planet of the Apes System Requirements :-

Pentium II 300MHz
8MB 3D Accelerator
650MB HDD Space

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